MS609-0605 : Deposition - Guilhelma JohanMS609-0605 : Déposition - Guilhelma Johan

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Anno quo supra Kalendas Decembris.1Willelma, uxor Poncii Johannis , testis iurata  {   }  vidit duas hereticas quos adduxit ibi Willelmus Fabri de Porta de Folquer ad Iohannem Traver medicum  {   }  quia unus illorum hereticoram habebat bracchium fractum. Et vidit ibi Poncium {   }  et ipse testis adoravit  {   }  sed non vidit adorare. Et sunt XII anni vel circa.2

Alibi non vidit hereticos nec credidit nec dedit nec misit nec duxit  {   } predictas hereticas credidit esse bonas feminas et habere bonam fidem et esse amicas Dei licet sciret quod ecclesia persequeretor eas. Et abiuravit heresim et iuravit et cetera. Testes: Bernardus a de Melgor, capellanus de Avinione; Alegre, capellanus de Rocavidal; Cristofor, capellanus de Lamasceira; et frater Bernardus de Caucio, inquisitor.


Item. Year as above, Kalends of December. The sworn witness Guilhelma, wife of Pons Johan, [...] said that she saw two heretics brought by Guilhem Faure from Fesquel Gate to Johan Traver, doctor, [...] one of the heretics had a broken arm. She saw there Pons [...] and she adored [...] but did not see adoring. This was about 12 years ago.

She has not seen heretics anywhere else, nor believed, nor gave or sent [them anything], nor led [....] believed the above-mentioned heretics to be good women, to have good faith, to be friends of God, even though she knew the Church persecuted them. She abjured heresy and swore, etc. Witnesses: Bertrand de Melgor, chaplain of Avignonet; Alegre, chaplain of Rocavidal; Cristofor, chaplain of Lamasquere; and brother Bernard de Caux, inquisitor.