MS609-0589 : Deposition - Guilhem Ayalric juniorMS609-0589 : Déposition - Guilhem Ayalric junior

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Item. Anno et die quo supra.1Willelmus Ayalric iunior testis iuratus dixit quod vidit in domo Ysarni de Gibel Bertandum Martini et socium suum, hereticos. Et vidit ibi cum eis Bernardum Alzeu et Bernardum Marti. Et ipse testis et omnes alii adoravit ibi dictos hereticos ter flexis genibus dicendo, “Benedicite probi homines, orate  [F°39v]  Deum pro nobis.”Et sunt X anni vel circa.Et tunc predicti Bernardus Alzeus et Bertrandus Marti rogaverunt dictus testis quod associaret dictos hereticos usque extra villam, quod ipse noluit facere.

Predictos hereticos non credidit esse bonos nec habere bonam fidem licet semel adoravit eas ad instantiam  predictorum Bernardi Alzeu et Bernardi Marti, nec audivit eos dicentes errores de visibilibus quod Deus non fecerat ea, nec de sacramentis ecclesie. Alibi non vidit hereticos nec credidit nec aliquid dedit nec misit nec eorum predicationem audivit.

Item. Dixit quod ipse testis fuit cum dicto Bernardo Alzeu et cum pluribus aliis apud Sanctum Papulum quando volebant liberare duos hereticos quos abbas Sancti Paupuli ceperat. Et sunt quatuor anni vel circa.2


Item. Year and day as above. The sworn witness Guilhem Ayalric junior said that he saw inthe home of Ysarn de Gibel Bertrand Martini and his companion, heretics. He saw there with them Bernard Alzeu and Bernard Martin. The witness and everyone else adored the aforesaid heretics there, bending three times at the knee saying, "Bless us good men, pray to God for us." This was about 10 years ago. And then the aforesaid Bernard Alzeu and Bernard Martin asked the witness to accompany the aforesaid heretics outside the village, but he would not do it.

He did not believe the heretics to be good nor to have good faith even though he once adored them at the insistence of the above-mentioned Bernard Alzeu and Bernard Martin, nor heard them speak errors of visible things, that God did not make them, nor the sacraments of the Church. He has not seen heretics anywhere else, nor believed, nor gave or sent [them] anything, nor listened to their preaching.

Item. He said that he was with Bernard Alzeu and with many others at Saint-Papoul Abbey when they wanted to free two heretics held by the abbot of Saint-Papoul. This was about 4 years ago.