MS609-0575 : Deposition - Peire GalhardMS609-0575 : Déposition - Peire Galhard

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Item. Anno et die quo supra.1Petrus Galhardi 2 testis iuratus dixit quod apud Sanctum Martinum in domo Ysarni de Gibel vidit duos hereticos quorum nomina ignorat. Et vidit cum  {   } Ysarnum et Andrea, uxorem ipsius Ysarni . Et omnes adoravit dictos hereticos. Et sunt IIIIor anni vel circa.

Item. audivit dici ipse  {   }  de Sancto Martino quadam die quando vidit quandam feminam cuius nomen ignorat  portantem farinam extra villam cum quibusdam mulieribus que manebant in nemore Sancti Salvatoris portantes dictam farinam que erant heretice. Et ipse testis dixit statim cuidam mulieri nomine Amada Gasquera, et ipsa Amada Gasquera promisit ipsi testi V solidos. Et postea ipsa Amada Gasquera de consilio ipsius testis {} docuit eas ibi fecit eas capi. Et sunt XII anni vel circa.

Item. Alia vice apud Rius in Menerves ubi ipse testis manebat cum Willelmo de Sancto Nazario, ballivo illius loci. Quadam die ipse Willelmus de Sancto Nazario precepit ipsi et Arnaldo Viel quod exirent extra villam et quod associarent duos bonos homines id est hereticiDuv. duos bonos homines, scilicet h., . Et quod et fecerunt. Et in adventu {} ambo adoraverunt eos, et in sero venerunt P. de Vinhalet et dictus Willelmus de Sancto Nazario ad eis. Et ipse vidente adorare dictos hereticos. Et postea omnes insimul intraverunt villam et postea ipse testis non vidit. Et in festo Omnium Sanctorum proxime venturo erunt III anni.

Item. Dixit quod fuit rogatus ipsi testi Raimundo Fornerii ad associarent ipsum. Quod et fecit ipse testis. Et ipse Raimundus Fornerii noluit revelare ipse testis quod volebat ipsum quousque fuerunt apud Sanctum Papulum. Et postea dixit quod ipse Raimundus Fornerii ipsi testi quod volebant hereticos liberare qui erant capti apud Sanctum Papulum. Et statim ipse testis cum audivit rediit solus et noluit interesse. Et sunt IIIIor anni vel circa.3

Item. Dixit quod supradictus Willelmus de Sancto Nazario misit ipsum testem apud Rius en Menerves ubi {extitunt} bailivus ipse dictus Willelmus ad dictum P. de Vinhalet quod confiteretur totum quod fecerat secum de facto heresis, cum ipso, quia ipse proponebat totum plenarie confitere. Et ipse dictus P. de Vinhalet respondit ipsi testi quod confessus fuerat et quod non dixerat inquisitoribus de hiis non fecerat cum dicto Willelmo de Sancto Nazario de facto heresis, nec confiteretur alicui si deberet scindi per medium capitis ymo. Rogabat Raimundus predictus Willelmo de Sancto Nazario quod non discooperiret ipsum aliquo modo. Et est annus.

Item. Dixit quod predictos hereticos credidit esse bonos homines et amicos Dei et esse veraces et habere bonam fidem et posse salvari per ipsos vel cum ipsos. Requisitus de erroribus, dixit quod nunquam audivit eos loquentes. Et sunt Ve anni quod primo credidit hereticos et sunt duo anni quod ultimo dimsit.


Item. Year and day as above. The sworn witness Peire Galhart said that at Saint-Martin-Lalande in the house of Ysarn de Gibel he saw two heretics whose names he did not know. He saw there with them [....] Ysarn and Andrea, wife of Ysarn. Everyone adored the heretics. This was about 4 years ago.

Item. He heard it said [....] of Saint-Martin-Lalande that on a certain day when he saw some women whose name he did not know carrying flour outside the village, there were some women carrying flour as well, who stayed in the woods of Saint Salvatore and who were heretics. The witness spoke then to a certain woman called Amada Gasquera, and this Arnalda Gasquera promised the witness 5 solidi. Later, it was Arnalda Gasquera, advised by the witness, who informed on their location and caused them to be captured.

Item. Another time, at Rieux-Minervois, where the witness was staying with Guilhem Saint-Nazare, who was baillus of that place, one day the aforesaid Guilhem Saint-Nazare enjoined the witness and Arnald Veil to leave the village and accompany two good men, that is, heretics. They did so. And in meeting them they adored them. Later P. de Vinhalet and Guilhem de Saint-Nazare came to them, seeing himself the adoration of the aforesaid heretics. Afterwards, everyone together entered the village and afterwards the witness did not see [them]. This will be 3 years ago next All Saints Day.

Item. He said that he was asked by Raimund Forner to accompany him. He did so. Raimund Forner would not tell the witness what he wanted with him, until they went to Saint-Papoul. Thereafter Raimund Forner told the witness that he wanted to free the heretics who were imprisoned at Saint-Papoul. Immediately upon hearing this, the witness returned home alone as he did not want to participate.

Item. He said that the above-mentioned Guilhem de Saint-Nazare sent the witness to Rieux-Minervois, where the aforesaid Wilhelm was baillus, to demand of the aforesaid P. de Vinhalet whether he confessed everything that he had done with respect to heresy with him, because he suggested setting forth everything completely. The aforesaid P. de Vinhalet responded to the witness that he confessed and that he did not tell the inquisitors what he had done with Guilhem Saint-Nazare with respect to heresy, nor would he confess even if they split his head all the way in two. The aforesaid Raimund asked Guilhem Saint-Nazare that he not tell anything about him whatsoever. This was a year ago.

Item. He said that he believed the above-mentioned heretics to be good men, friends of God, to be true, to have good faith and that one could be saved by them or with them. Asked about errors: he said that he had never heard them speak such. It was 5 years ago that he first believed the heretics, and 2 years ago that he stopped.