MS609-0549 : Deposition - Martin TerrazonaMS609-0549 : Déposition - Martin Terrazona

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Item. Anno et die quo supra.1Martinus Terrazona testis iuratus dixit quod vidit R. B. et socium suum, hereticos, apud Sanctum Martinum in domibus  properiis dictorum hereticorum. Et vidit ibi cum eis Arnaldum Gons. Sed non adoravit nec vidit adorare. Et sunt XXX anni vel circa.

Item. Dixit quod quadam die locavit  se cum Willelmo Fabri et comedit cum eo et vidit in domo ipsius Willelmi Fabri duas mulieres extraneas. Et tunc ipse testis quesivit a dicto Willelmo Fabri cuiusmodi mulieres erant, et dixit Willelmus Fabria ipsi testi quod mulieres extranee erant et non curaret. Et in cras tinum ipse testis audivit dici quod ille mulieres erant capte et fuerant combuste. Et sunt VIII anni vel circa. Alibi non vidit hereticos nec credidit nec adoravit nec aliquid dedit nec misit nec eorum predicationem audivit. Et abiuravit heresim et cetera.


Item. Year and day as above. The sworn witness Martin Terrazona said that he saw R.B. and his companion, heretics, at Saint-Martin-Lalande in the houses of the aforesaid heretics and he saw there with them Arnald Gons. He did not adore nor saw adoring. This was about 30 years ago.

Item. He said that one day he was talking to Guilhem Faure and ate with him, and he saw in Guilhem Faure's house two foreign women. So the witness asked the aforesaid Guilhem Faure who the women were, and Guilhem Faure said to the witness that the women were foreigners and not to pay attention [to them]. He heard it said that the women were captured and burned in the morning. This was about 8 years ago. Otherwise he did not see heretics, nor believed, nor adored, nor gave or sent [them] anything, nor listened to their preaching. He abjured heresy, etc.