MS609-0480 : Deposition - Peire FaureMS609-0480 : Déposition - Peire Faure

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Item. Anno et die quo supra.1Petrus Faure testis iuratus a addit hec confessione sue dixit enim quod vidit duos hereticos nomina quorum ignorat in domo Bernardi Martini . Et vidit ibi cum eis Hysarnum de Gibel, Bernardum Alzeu et uxorem dicti Bernardi Martini . Et omnes adoraverunt ibi dictos hereticos. Et sunt XV anni vel circa.Testes: propedicti.


Item. Year and day as above. The sworn witness Peire Faure, adding this to his confession, said that he saw two heretics whose names he didn't know in the house of Bernard Martin, and he saw there with them Ysarn de Gibel, Bernard Alzeu, and the wife of the aforesaid Bernard Martin. Everyone adored the aforesaid heretics there. This was about 15 years ago. Witnesses: as stated above.