MS609-0423 : Deposition - Guilhelma Canast de ParacolMS609-0423 : Déposition - Guilhelma Canast de Paracol

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Anno et die predictis.1Willelma uxor Willelmi de Canast testis iurata dixit quod vidit pluries hereticosstantes publice apud Mansum et apud Castrum Novum Darri. Sed non adoravit eos. Et sunt XXXV anni.

Dixit etiam quod cum Iohannes de Paracol,  maritus ipsius testis, infirmaretur graviter in domo sua apud Castrum Novum Darri , egritudine qua decessit, Rixenda Petit et sociae suae, hereticae, venerunt ibi de nocte et portaverunt dictum infirmum ad domum hereticorum quam tenebant publice apud Castrum Novum de Arrio , Ermengarda, matre ipsius testis, invita. Et ibi dictus infirmus decessit in manibus hereticorum sicut ipsa testis audivit dici ab eadem Ermengarda, matre ipsius testis . Sed ipsa testis non erat presens quando dicti heretici apportaverunt dictum infirmum quia iverat cubitum in quadam camera. Et sunt XXXV anni et amplius.

Alibi non vidit hereticos nec credidit nec adoravit nec dedit nec misit nec duxit nec receptavit nec eorum  predicationem audivit. Et abiuravit heresim et iuravit et cetera coram predictis inquistoribus. Testes propedicti.


Year and day as stated before. The sworn witness Guilhelma, wife of Guilhem de Canast, said that she saw many times heretics living openly at Mas-Saintes-Puelles and at Castelnaudary, but she did not adore them. This was 35 years ago.

She said as well that when her husband Johan de Paracol was gravely ill of a sickness in his house at Castelnaudary, a sickness from which he died, Rixen Petit and his companion, heretics, came there one night and moved him to a house heretics had at Castelnaudary, although the witness' mother Ermengarda was resistant. He died in the hands of the heretics, or so the witness heard from Ermengarda, however the witness was not present when the heretics brought him as she had gone to sleep in another room. This was 35 years ago or more.

She did not see heretics anywhere else, nor believed, nor adored, nor gave or sent, nor lead, nor received, nor listened to their preaching. She abjured heresy and swore, etc., before the aforesaid inquisitors. Witnesses: as stated before.