MS609-0297 : Deposition - Pons BarrauMS609-0297 : Déposition - Pons Barrau

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suspectus est et dicior quam aliquis de MansoAnno et die predictis.1Poncius Barrau, filius Bernardi Barraui , testis iuratus dixit quod vidit apud Cucmerin domo de Na Gauzia  Aycelinam et sociam suam, hereticas. Et vidit ibi cum eis dictam Gauzio; et Stephanam, uxorem Bernardi Sans ; et Petrum Barrau;  et Ponciam, sororem ipsium testis. Et ibi dicta Poncia adoravit dictas hereticas sed ipse testis non adoravit nec vidit adorare alios. Et sunt XX anni vel circa.2

Item. Vidit apud Mansum in domo de Na Barona Bonum Filium del Casser et socium suum, hereticos. Et vidit ibi cum eis Raimundam, ; et Arnaldum Picrelli, qui disputavit cum dictoa heretico. Sed ipse testis non adoravit eos nec vidit adorare. Et sunt XV anni vel circa. 3

Alibi nunquam vidit hereticos nisi captos nec credidit nec adoravit nec dedit nec misit nec duxit nec eorum predicationem audivit. Et fuit confessus [F°35v]  fratri Ferrario apud Saxiacum et postea non vidit hereticos. Et abiuravit heresim et iuravit et cetera. Testes: predicti.


He is a suspect and it is said he is the wealthiest in Mas-Saintes-PuellesYear and date as stated before. The sworn witness Pons Barrau, son of Bernard Barrau, said that he saw Aycelina and her companion, heretics, in the house of Na Gauzie in Cumiès and he saw there with them the aforesaid Na Gauzie, Stephana, wife of Bernard Sans, and Peire Barrau, and Ponsa, sister of the witness. Ponsa Barrau adored the heretics there but the witness did not adore and he did not see the others adore. This was about 20 years ago.

Item. He saw in the house of Na Barona at Mas-Saintes-Puelles Bonusfilius del Casser and his companion, heretics, and he saw there with them Raimunda Barrau, mother of the witness, and Arnald Picrelh who argued with the aforesaid heretic. However, the witness did not adored nor saw adoring. This was about 15 years ago.

He has not seen heretics anywhere else except prisoners, nor believed, nor adored, nor gave or sent [them anything], nor led, nor listened to their preaching. He confessed to brother Ferrier at Saissac and thereafter has not seen heretics. He abjured heresy and swore, etc. Witnesses: as stated before.