MS609-0222 : Deposition - Na Comdors HeunaMS609-0222 : Déposition - Na Comdors Heuna

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heretica induta {...... ... ... ..} bene correcta Item. Anno et die quo supra.1Na Comdors, uxor quondam Stephani Heuna , testis iurata dixit quod non erat X annorum mater sua violenter fecit fieri ipsam testem hereticam et fuit heretica induta per IX menses. Et tunc heretici manebant publice apud Mansum. Et sunt XLVI anni vel circa.

Et tunc credidit hereticos esse bonos homines et veraces et amicos Dei et posse salvari per ipsos. Et sunt XLV anni quod credidit. Et fuit confessa aliis inquisitoribus. Alibi non vidit hereticos nisi publice manentes per terram, et cetera omnia negavit. Et dominus episcopus Tholosanus dedit illi duas cruces, et quando rediit de fratre Ferrario dimisit cruces per tres menses, et portavit in hyeme cruces sub pellicio et alias portavit illas coopertas. Et iuravit et cetera. Testes: propedicti.


??Item. Year and day as above. The sworn witness Na Comdors, wife of the late Esteve Heuna, said that when she was not even 10 years old her mother forced her towards heresy, and she was inducted into heresy for 9 months, and at that time heretics lived openly at Mas-Saintes-Puelles. This was about 46 years ago.

At that time she believed heretics to be good men and true and friends of God, and one could be saved by them. It was 45 years ago that she believed. All the foregoing was confessed to the inquisitors. She did not see heretics anywhere else except those around in public, and all other things she denied. The lord Bishop of Toulouse gave her two crosses, and when she appeared before brother Ferrier, he gave her crosses for three months. In winter she wore the crosses under her furs and otherwise wore the crosses on the outside. She swore, etc. Witnesses: as stated above.