MS609-0081 : Deposition - Raimunda GondaubouMS609-0081 : Déposition - Raimunda Gondaubou

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Item. Anno et die quo supra.1Raimunda, uxor quondam Gondaubou, testis iurata dixit quod vidit Willelma Audena amitam ipsius testis heretica apud  Cabaretys et stetit cum ipsa per tres annos, et adoravit eam pluries. Et sunt XX anni vel circa.

Item. Dixit quod W. Bertrandi de Laura cum aliis IIIIor hominibus venit apud Narbonam in domo ipsius testis. Et comedit et bibet in ipsam domo. Et dicti homines erat nuncii hereticorum sicut ipsa audivit postea et duxerant apud Narbonam hereticos in domo Raimundi Iohannis. Et tunc ballivus domini archiepiscopi Narbonensis cepit ipsam testem et Florenciam, sororem ipsius testis , quia credebat quod heretici quos predictos homines ducebant fuissent in domo ipsius testis, sed non fuerunt. Et tunc frater Ferrarius, qui tunc erat inquisitor auctoritate domini archiepiscopi, reconciliavit ipsam testis et Florenciam, sororem ipsius testis . Et frater Ferrarius venit tunc cum ipsa testis usque ad Mansum et reconciliavit eam et tradidit eam viro suo apud Mansum. Et habuit litteras dicte reconciliationis ab dicto fratrem Ferrario. Et sunt XVI anni. Postea non vidit hereticos. 2

Predictos hereticos credidit esse bonos homines et habere bonam fidem et posse salvari per ipsos. Et audivit eos dicentes quod Deus non fecerat visibilia, et quod hostia sacrata non erat corpus Domini, et quod in baptismo et matrimonio non erat salus, et quod corpora mortuorum [F°5v]  non resurgent, et ipsa credebat tunc sicut dicta Willelma, amitta sua, docebat ipsam This comment suggests one to one teaching not based on a program. Too haphazard and inconsistent against the sacraments. Possibly 'reactive', ie. 'This is what the Church is telling us to believe, but it is wrong'. Et abiuravit et iuravit et cetera. Testes: predicti.


Item. Year and day as above. The sworn witness Raimunda, wife of the late Gondaubou, said that she saw her aunt Guilhelma Audena at Caberet, and she lived with her for three years, and she adored her many times. This was about 20 years ago.

Item. The witness said that W. Bernard de Laura came with four men to the witness' house at Narbonne and ate and drank there, and she heard later that said men were messengers of heretics and they had lead heretics to the house of Raimund Johan at Narbonne. Then the bailiff of the lord Archbishop of Narbonne seized the witness and her sister Florence in the home of the witness as he believed that they were the heretics that the aforesaid men had led, but they were not. Then brother Ferrier, who was then the inquisitor under the authority of the lord Archbishop, reconciled the witness and her sister Florence, and accompanied her to Mas-Saintes-Puelles and handed her over to her husband at Mas-Saintes-Puelles. She had a letter of reconciliation from said brother Ferrier. And this was 16 years ago. Thereafter she did not see any heretics.

The witness believed the aforementioned heretics to be good men and to have good faith and that she could be saved through them, and she heard them say that God did not make visible things and that the Holy Host is not the body of the lord, and that there is no salvation in baptism and marriage and that dead bodies do not rise, and the witness trusted what was taught to her by her aforementioned aunt, Guilhelma. The witness abjured heresy and swore, etc. Witnesses: as stated above.