MS609-0009 : Deposition - Pons LobeiraMS609-0009 : Déposition - Pons Lobeira

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Item. Anno et die quo supra.1Poncius del Mas vel de Lobeira testis iuratus dixit quod tenuit per mensem in domo ipsius testis Rixenz Bruna. Sed ipse testis nesciebat ipsam esse hereticam quom usque dominus episcopus Tholosanus cepit eam in hospitio ipsius testis, et ipse qui loquitur similiter fuit captus propter hoc. Dixit etiam quod postmodum fuit reconciliata dicta heretica per dictum episcopum Tholosanum. Et sunt XII anni vel circa.2

Item. Dixit quod vidit hereticos publice stantes in terra, et sunt  XXX anni vel circa. Alibi non vidit hereticos nec credidit nec adoravit nec dedit nec misit nec duxit nec eorum predicationem audivit. Et abiuravit heresim et iuravit et cetera. Testes: predicti.


Item. Year and day as above. The sworn witness Pons del Mas or Lobère said that he had Rixen Bru in his, the witness', house for a month, but the witness did not know that she was a heretic until the lord Bishop of Toulouse seized her while at his place, and the witness himself was seized at the same time. The witness said as well that afterwards the aforesaid heretic was reconciled by the aforesaid Bishop of Toulouse. This was about 12 years ago.

Item. The witness said that he saw heretics living openly in public, and it was about 30 years ago. The witness did has not seen heretics elsewhere nor believed, nor adored, nor gave or sent [them anything], nor led them, nor heard their preaching. He abjured heresy and swore, et cetera. Witnesses: as stated before.